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Truck77 Join Request Empty Truck77 Join Request

on Thu Mar 30, 2017 4:47 pm
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Name, Nickname, Country and Age :

My name is Jakov,in game Truck77,i live in city Valpovo near Osijek-capital of Slavonia,Croatia,16

Tell us things about yourself :
I am student of trade high school,i like watching WW2 and Action movies,hanging out with my friends and video games ofcourse
How long have you been playing ? :
Since Aprill 2015.
What are your favorite mods? :
Protect The President,Shooter and Stuntage
Have you been in other clans before? :

Sexy Elite | member
Dream Team | member
No Scope Shooter | member
Croatian Team Gaming | member
Road To Zero Fear | member
No Limit | member
Nab Team | member

Why do you want to join our clan? :
I want to join it because i saw much good players and people in it,since i get really annoyed by Shooter game mode it hit my nervs really bad and i decided i need something new,Notice(when i started playing in Aprill 2015. i was concentrate on PTP mostly but than i moved on shooter) and than i decided to play PTP,also i get really interesting in Turkey and turkish culture so i want to be in clan with much of my turk buddies ,i also want to be with some good PTP players in same clan and like always i want to learn more and much from good PTP players.
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Truck77 Join Request Empty Re: Truck77 Join Request

on Fri Mar 31, 2017 3:55 pm
Accepted as trial! Send JR in-game when you can.
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