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Join Request Format. Empty Join Request Format.

on Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:02 pm
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OP| Join Requests
Would you like to join Over Powered? All you have to do is to write a decent Join Request using the format provided below and wait till it gets reviewed. We are trying to reply as soon as possible so you will not wait months in order to get an answer.

Join Request Format

Thread's title: OP| Name's Join Request

What's your real name, nickname and country :

Tell us about yourself:

Which arenas do you play? :

Have you been in any other official clans? If yes name them:

Have you been in any other clans inside FFS? If yes name them:

Why do you want to join Over-Powered? :

Closing (not needed):

Our expections

  • Ability to speak decent english
  • Appropriate behaviour
  • Good activity in-game

These are the basic requirements, besides that we have some other that are privately considered while picking new members.

Things like impatience, bad past*, unloyalty may decrase your chances to join our clan.

Good luck,
OP Team

* obviously bad past is something that we can forget about, what matters is the fact that you've changed
don't forget,this clan is not official,we are a part from ffs server.

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